Restorative / Tooth colored fillings

There’s a new method for restoring cavities -- and it doesn’t involve a noticeable silver, or amalgam, filling. We know those restorations may make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. Fortunately, with offerings in modern dentistry,Dr.Koganti can restore your all-white smile with tooth-colored fillings in Dunwoody. Made of strong, long-lasting composite resin, these fillings will blend with your tooth enamel for a virtually undetectable restoration. Learn more about how this option can beautifully strengthen your teeth today.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: How They Work

LA dental filling is a common dental procedure we use for restoring the integrity of a tooth that has been affected by decay. Fillings reduce the amount of bacteria in the patient’s mouth, make the tooth healthier overall and delay the need for additional dental work.

The procedure for a tooth-colored filling isn’t all that different from that of traditional silver fillings. To ensure your complete comfort throughout the procedure, we will administer a local anaesthetic to the area, and nitrous oxide is available if you desire a little extra relaxation. Then we begin by removing all decay from the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings require less tooth preparation than amalgam, meaning more of your natural structure stays intact -- and you have to sit through less drilling.

Once all decay has been removed, Dr.Koganti will apply a self-etching adhesive to help the composite resin bond to the tooth enamel. The area will be completely dried, and another application of the adhesive goes on and is hardened with a special light. Now it’s time for the filling. The composite resin is packed into the prepared area using special tools, then smoothed and shaped to fit your bite just like it should. Once the filling has been hardened and polished, the procedure is complete -- and your tooth is back to its regular health!

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored dental fillings in Dr.Koganti offer many advantages over traditional amalgam/metal fillings. For instance, the bond between the filling and tooth is stronger and more supportive than that of an amalgam filling. That means with tooth-colored fillings, your teeth will be less likely to develop temperature-related sensitivity. In addition, tooth-colored fillings allow you to retain more of your natural tooth structure because less reduction is required -- so you don’t have to sit through any unnecessary drilling.