Crooked and non-aligned teeth are never an attribute to rejoice. The smile and the teeth are the primarily noticeable facets of an individual. Sagacious orthodontic treatments promote successful social lives and careers. Societal presence is improved and the person develops a reinforced attitude and outlook towards life. Invisalign® is a revolutionary approach to the treatment of crooked teeth which would otherwise have to be warped together with hard metal brackets that would be tied together with wires and affixed to the teeth. Invisibility is one of the biggest advantages of Invisalign®. They are crafted to specifically to fit patients’ teeth and are detachable. Teeth gently and gradually shift into to place over a period of two weeks. It is a painless yet alleviative treatment that does not require any metal fittings. A new set of aligners is placed every two weeks.

Difference between traditional braces and Invisalign

Traditional braces can cause a lot of discomfort such as mouth injuries and sores due to wires. It does not allow normal brushing and flossing due to pain and hindrances caused due to brace wires. This can result in tooth decay, plaque formation, tooth discoloration and breakage notwithstanding difficulty while eating.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Invisalign is clear and invisible and its presence goes virtually unnoticed
  • The device is removable thus facilitating normal brushing and flossing of teeth to prevent periodontal diseases and maintain oral hygiene
  • IIt is a smooth and comfortable plastic with no sharp metals used and does not irritate cheeks and gums like metal

The Technology

Invisalign is a hypoallergenic and biologically stable device. It is made of polyurethane derived from methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and 1,6-hexanediol. Produced from medical grade polymer, it is thin, clear, strong and yet flexible. Advanced 3-D computer imaging is used to represent and create a treatment plan and schedule from the elementary stages of treatment up until the desired alignment of teeth. Controlled force on teeth and appropriate placement of Invisalign ® commissions pertinent sequence and adjustment of teeth. Dr.koganti is an eminent orthodontist based in Bangalore. He is a certified Invisalign® doctor providing curative and assured teeth straightening treatments. Awarded the prestigious Silver Preferred Provider certificate he is now a pacesetter to providing high-quality Invisalign® treatments. The laboratory and clinic use some of the latest equipment utilized in dentistry. All instruments are autoclaved to avoid any kind of contamination or infection.

Invisible Treatments For Teeth

Braces can be unsightly especially when you are looking for aesthetic alignments in adulthood. Besides wearing grotesque wires, metal braces have their own drawbacks such as allergic reactions, discomfort, and inconvenience and to top it all – loss of confidence. Invisalign® offers the perfect ‘invisible’ remedy with its fair share of comfort and convenience. This revolutionary and cutting-edge treatment methodology minimally interferes with your daily life thus providing a significant positive impact, keeping your confidence and smile alive. Regular, metal braces can be painful, and can cause mouth sores and injuries due to the brace wires. With traditional braces, the incidence of tooth decay is higher due to limitations for brushing and flossing which has a danger of breakage. The individual taking the metal braces treatment cannot eat hard foods such as popcorn, chips, crusted pizza, nuts, candies, apples, corn on the cob etc. Veneers on the other hand can only address dental imperfections and do not necessarily align teeth. Dentistry, through continuous research found one of the most renegade treatments of the 21st century:

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign® has several advantages over braces. It can treat a wide variety of cases such as crossbite, overbite, underbite, crowding and spacing. It effectively straightens teeth and allows eating and drinking foods of your choice even during the treatment without any interference to daily routine. The device is hypoallergenic and biocompatible eliminating any chances of allergy or reactions to the human body. Derived from a medical grade polymer, it is a clear, strong and flexible, made of polyurethane. Invisalign® is removable and facilitates maintenance of periodontal health.

Treatment by the Smile Architect

Treatment plans and schedules are created through advanced 3-D computer imaging technology that digitally creates the sequence and adjustment of the teeth. The exact movements of the teeth and length of treatment are also determined. Based on the personalized treatment plan, the aligners are prepared which are placed on to the teeth gently and gradually. New aligners may be required every two weeks. Dr.Koganti is just one of the few orthodontists who is an Invisalign® certified doctor available in India.