What are clear path aligners?

Clearpath aligners are the new trend in orthodontics which revolutionised the field. Clearpath aligners are a breakthrough technology approved by USFDA. These aligners are removable and made of medical grade plastic appliances. Clearpath aligners help to correct teeth malocclusion without wearing brackets. Clearpath aligners can be considered as a modern alternative to the braces, used to straighten the teeth. Clearpath aligners work exactly like the traditional braces and corrects the teeth to be in the real position. Unlike metal braces, they don’t need to be worn 24 hours. Clearpath aligners can be removed while having food. The individual is supposed to wear it for a minimum of 20 hours a day for the best result. Clearpath aligners take shorter period of treatment when compared to that of the traditional braces. Clearpath aligners are also tailor-made to fit each individual’s mouth.

Why clear path aligners?

The most-loved advantage of clearpath aligner is that, it is invisible. Teenagers and adults will prefer clearpath aligners as a better choice as they can smile without brackets and wires. Foodies and those who love to snack each moment will also love clearpath aligners as they are removable. The easy-to-use aligners doesn’t require any special care to maintain them. Cleaning clearpath aligners are very simple. Other major advantage of clearpath aligners over traditional braces is that, they are not painful and irritating. As the traditional brackets, the invisible aligners will not cause any cuts and wounds in the cheeks and gums. Clearpath aligners can be the best choice for minor teeth movements of individuals.