International Patient Services

  • We specialize in immediate implants!!!
  • You can contact us via Email / phone from your country about your dental problem.
  • You can send us your OPG xray, photographs, CT scan (if any) via email.
  • From these data, an approxiamate treatment plan, and approxiamate cost is derived and sent back to you for approval.
  • Details such as number of appointments, duration of treatment will be discussed as per.
  • We can arrange your Hotel stay, airport pickup-drop, local sight seeing, etc if u choose. After finalization of your plan (travel dates and itinerary), you can book an appointment with us. On arrival at the Dental Centre, after thorough examination and evaluation, a final definitive diagnosis and finalized treatment plan is given before commencing the treatment.
  • Email us at:
  • Call us on 0891 645 5999